New to Budget Advocacy? Check Out Our Ohio Budget Overview

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Every two years, the Governor, their administration, and the General Assembly must come together to create the state biennial budget. This budget uses our tax dollars to fund health services, our schools, roads, public transport, correctional facilities, and more. During each budget, individuals and organizations have the opportunity to provide testimony on what they believe should be included in the budget. OHCBSC will engage in this advocacy and encourage the community to do the same.

As we prepare for the budget, having a good sense of its overall timeline and structure will be essential. In this document, we've put together a flowchart that shows the key aspects of Ohio's budget and when they occur. Since this is DeWine's second budget, he must submit the budget by the end of January as opposed to March 15th. If there is a new Governor in 2023, they would have until March 15th to submit their budget, changing the timeline shown in this document.

To download the accessible PDF, click the file below.

Download PDF • 45KB

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