Ohio Budget Timeline: Where Are We Now?

Graphic that reads "Ohio's Biennial Budget Overview: Timeline Update"

At the start of the budget, we shared a timeline tool for the operating budget process. This week, we're revisiting the timeline as the budget prepares to be heard in the Senate.

In the last few weeks...

  • The House release their version of the budget (the sub-bill)

  • The House Finance committee reported their version of the budget out of committee & back to the full House floor

  • The full Ohio House voted on their version of the budget, handing over the bill to the Senate

In the coming weeks...

  • The Senate Finance sub-committees will hear testimony on the budget

  • They will recommend amendments to the full Finance committee, and then the Finance committee will vote on those amendments

  • Then, the Senate Finance committee will report their version to the Senate Floor, where the same process will repeat

One of the best ways to keep track of when a committee will be hearing the budget is to sign up to be on a committee's contact list. By signing up for this list, you will receive a notification when a committee hearing is scheduled. You can sign up for a committee's contact list by sending an email to the Chair of any given committee. For example, if you wanted to receive notifications from the Finance committee, you would email President Dolan and his legislative aides.

As the budget moves into the Senate, the Ohio HCBS Coalition will continue advocating for the protection and expansion of HCBS throughout all systems in the state. Keep on the lookout for opportunities to testify, meet with your legislators, and much more! Together, we can show that Ohioans are better at home.

For a visual timeline of the progress we have made in the last couple of months, check out the graphic below. So far, we have covered the Governor's Executive budget & the House's version of the budget.

Accessible PDF download here:

Download PDF • 65KB

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