Ohio HCBS Coalition Submits Testimony to House Finance Committee

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Over the last month, coalition members have been hard at work to advocate for home and community-based services in Ohio. As members work to contact their legislators and testify in committee, the Coalition as a whole took the opportunity to submit written-only, interested party testimony to the House Finance Subcommittee on Health and Human Services and the full Finance Committee. Below, you can find links to our testimony for both committees.

Download PDF • 373KB
Download PDF • 155KB

In our testimony to the HHS subcommittee, we cover three priorities:

  1. Increase wages for home care providers: Increase reimbursement rates and wages for providers across all systems while providing additional funding for providers to procure PPE and offset costs incurred during the pandemic.

  2. Increase transitions from institutions to the community: Expand transitions out of long-term care facilities, expand access to transition coordinators, and identify those most at-risk of institutionalization to provide quality care coordination during the pandemic and beyond.

  3. Ensure access to quality providers and expand housing. Leverage state and federal funding to ensure access to quality providers and services while expanding housing and provider capacity in the community.

Taking these actions will be critical as the HCBS system grows, allowing older adults, people with disabilities, and medically complex individuals to receive care from the comfort of their home.

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