Request for Public Comment: HCBS Access Act

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Congressional Senators Hassan, Brown, and Casey and Representative Dingell have begun drafting a bill called the Home and Community-Based Services Access Act. The bill has yet to be introduced, but it would aim to "create a network of providers and workers to deliver critical services and support" to older adults and people with disabilities. It will also eliminate the lengthy waiver waiting lists that exist in nearly every state, allowing anyone who needs HCBS to choose it.

At this stage in the drafting process, the legislators are requesting public and organizational input on the bill in the form of comments. Anyone can send in their thoughts on the bill and the need for HCBS across the country.

You can check out these resources to learn a bit more:

If you are interested in providing comments on the bill, be sure to send them in before 4/26/2021 to

New to writing comments? This resource may be helpful: This resource is talking about environmental law, but it gives a lot of great tips on organizing your thoughts when writing public comments.

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